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Sandbox Caveats

The sandbox environment that we provide is as close as possible to the production environment, however there are some caveats that are discussed below.


We advise integration partners to use GBP or EUR in sandbox. This includes creating only GB or EU residents as users. We do not support currency conversions in sandbox, so testing should be done with GB buyers -> GB sellers, or EU buyers -> EU sellers.


The automatic selfie verification can be unstable in sandbox due to supplier constraints. It is by all means possible to test this in sandbox to see how the process will work for end users, but it can create complications for test profiles.

We've created a fallback process for manually verifying profiles should automatic verification cause issues for end-users, to make this process as seamless as possible. This process also exists in the production environment to help users along in case of any issues encountered such as browser incompatibilities.

We recommend partners use this manual mechanism for testing in sandbox as it will be more stable and faster while doing a lot of test cases. To make use of this feature, simply cancel the selfie process by closing the Passbase modal after clicking the Verify with Passbase button on the last, overview page of the verification flow. Once the modal is closed, users will be presented with a banner at the top of the page where they can choose to upload required documents (Selfie and ID) manually via the file upload tool.

Card Payments#

Card payments are only supported for partners that have this feature enabled. If you would like to enable card payments, please contact support.

Card payments can take up to 7 days to settle in sandbox. Payments released whilst funds are still pending settlement will be paused until the funds 'arrive'. For this reason, we would recommend using the open banking flow for testing purposes.

Open Banking#

Currently, open banking in only available in GBP. In the production environment we offer open banking for a variety of banks across various European countries.

Manual Payments#

In sandbox, clicking the "I've made the transfer" button will create a fake payment into the account. This is useful for testing large transactions.


There is a maximum payment amount of £250,000 in sandbox for manual transfers. Any payments larger than £250,000 will not create a fake payment into the account.


Do not try to deposit money into the shown bank account. The information displayed is for illustrative purposes only.

Currency conversions#

We are unable to create payouts for transactions that require a currency conversion. For example, if a transaction is created in GBP, we are not able to pay out in EUR. For this reason, we recommend testing using GBP payments.

If you do need to test EUR payments, this will require a transaction to be made in EUR, using a card (as EUR is not available in open banking), and the payout will have to be to a EUR account.