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Bank Payments

Inbound funds#

Open Banking#

To create test payments, we offer an open banking sandbox environment. In order to test an open banking payment, the buyer must select the 'Pay by Bank' payment method after the initial checkout screen.

You will then be presented with the pay by bank screen.

If the transaction is in GBP and the value is less than £20,000 there will be the option to pay via open banking.

Mock Open Banking Flow#

When presented with the open banking screen, choose the 'Mock UK Payments - Redirect Flow' as your bank option, and then click the 'Pay via Online Banking' button below. This will launch the Mock UK Bank Sandbox.


For testing purposes, there are three test usernames you can use to trigger different scenarios.

The scenarios you can test with the corresponding username are as follows:




To test what behaviour will trigger the cancelled payment status, you can click the cancel button on the screen.

The following screen has 3 active inputs, fill each input with any number, and go through the process of selecting a bank account to pay from and complete the payment.

Manual Payments#

If the transaction is over £20,000, the buyer must proceed with a manual transfer.

In sandbox, clicking the "I've made the transfer" button will create a fake payment into the account. This is useful for testing extremely large transactions.


Do not try to deposit money into the shown bank account. This information is for illustrative purposes only.

In the production environment, the buyer would transfer money, and you would be notified of the deposit via a webhook, once the payment has been received.

Outbound funds#

As we do not offer currency conversion in the sandbox environment, it is imperative that both parties to the transaction are from the same place, ie. GB buyer -> GB seller or EU buyer -> EU seller.

When verifying a user on sandbox, you can use the following test bank credentials:

GB Bank Account#

Account Number: 47991999 Sort Code: 040075

EU Bank Account#

IBAN: GB33BUKB20201555555555 BIC: BUKBGB22