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Getting Started

Before you can begin the process of integrating, you must first setup your partner account and get verified. The verification process helps us identify your business use-case so we can provide the best possible solution tailored to you. If you are already signed up, please skip to the SDK documentation.


If you wish to get straight into the technical integration using any of our SDKs, you are welcome to develop against our demo partner available at All examples in the following sections will use this as our base integration. In the case you are already setup as a partner and verified, please change any reference to "demo" with the subdomain that you chose at sign up.

Setting up your partner account#

The first step is to create your partner account. By signing up you can decide on your own custom subdomain that your customers will use to access trustshare. The url of your product will be available at https://{subdomain} Once your partnership is verified, we will also provision an email for your product, {subdomain}, which will be used for all correspondence with your customers.

You will be asked to verify your email by entering the one-time password that was sent to your email address. This is a standard approach we use for all logins across the product, even your customers. All one-time password's last for around 150 seconds, after that time you will be able to request a new one to be delivered.

Set up your branding#

Once you are logged in to the trustshare dashboard, you can immediately set up the branding of your product, by choosing:

  • Product Name - this will be the name displayed to your customers for emails, window titles etc.
  • Logo - this logo is used as the header of your product in emails and the application.
  • Accent Colour - this is used as a highlight throughout the application, for example active buttons and icons.

The above settings above can be changed at any time and your product will updated to match immediately.


When providing your logo, we strongly advise on the use of a landscape, transparent background, png file, as the image will be used to fill a fixed size container as best as possible.

Invite team members (optional)#

In some cases you may need to allow access to the trustshare dashboard for other members of your team. If this is the case you can add further members by providing their email address. They will receive an email asking them to set up a password for their account before they first log in.

Get verified!#

Before your product is enabled on trustshare, you must be verified. This process along with being a necessary due-diligence requirement, allows us to help tailor our product to your use-case.

It is important that you provide information on all shareholders in your company who have a stake of over 25% of the business. Each shareholder that matches that requirement will need to go through a selfie verification process. Don't worry, we will notify shareholders of these requirements via the email addresses you provide. Once we have all the information required, it should take a short amount of time to review your application. If you have any questions about this process, please don't hesitate to contact us on

The process you have to go through here is very similar to the process your customers will undertake when becoming verified on the trustshare platform.


If you're not already verified, you can start the process by clicking here.