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The following documentation serves as guidance on how to integrate trustshare as a method of payment into your own platform. We currently provide Web and React SDKs along with providing Webhooks for your system to be made aware when certain events happen within trustshare. We are constantly open to feedback and would love to hear about your requirements and how we might be able to help you. Please contact [email protected] with any questions you may have.

What is trustshare?#

Our mission is to revolutionise how consumers pay online through our safe and trusted escrow service.

You know your customers better than we do. We provide the building blocks but we believe that you should decide how to combine the best product enhancements for perfect product-market fit for your customers. And you choose how much to charge.

Go live with a fully branded escrow solution with just 5 lines of code. We do all of the regulatory heavy lifting so you don’t have to. Join our Slack Community for feature requests, news and to speak to our developers.

trustshare.checkout.modal({  to: '[email protected]',  amount: 150000,  description: 'A description of the transaction',})

What is escrow?#

Escrow is a method of payment where both parties are checked and verified before money is held by a trusted third party until the job or purchase has been safely completed. Giving complete peace of mind and protection to both parties.

In the following sections we will go through the process of setting yourself up as a partner with us, providing your own branding and colour scheme and finally integrating with either our Web SDK or React Hooks.